Re: [gundam] Re: Kou Uraki - the most ineffectual Gundam pilot ever ?

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Sun, 31 Jan 1999 21:39:36 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, -Z- wrote:
> At the end of 0083, Kou gets the girl (whom he desires, even if you don't)
> and a miraculous make-it-didn't-happen that effectively buries *ALL* of his
> mistakes, while Gato becomes one of those freeze-dried Zeon corpses we see
> orbiting space in the Z Gundam opening sequences.

Does Kou really desire her any more, though? The last time we see them in
the same room together she's taking a pot-shot at him with a pistol and
spiriting her wounded ex-boyfriend to safety. Not the shining memory I
would want to take to prison with me. I can visualize Kou writing "kill
Nina" over every inch of his cell...

> Kou gets a chance to make a life for himself, Gato gets a memorial in Axis
> full of the same self-righteous pronouncements he spouted in life.

It's not clear what Kou is doing at the end of the final episode, only
that it looks like Keith & Co. are stuck diddling around with more
leftover Jion mobile suits. Looks like loads of adventure for him if he's
going to join up with them.

As for Gato, his name was the first word on Kou's lips as he picked up the
dead grain. To gain the hatred of one's enemies long after one's death is
something Gato would definitely relish.

> I'd say that makes Kou "The Winner" (vocals by Miki Matsubara)....

As in "Weiners Forever"?

Roger Harkavy

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