Re: [gundam] Re: New Gundam series/special for 1999?

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Sun, 31 Jan 1999 23:35:07 -0000

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>> Gee... I liked it better when it was called "Space Battleship Yamato"!
>> -Probe
>I've never seen Yamato. Shadows are an alien race in B5

It's not the Shadows that make it sound like a Yamato ripoff, it's the plot.

In the original series of Space Cruiser Yamato, the Earth has been made
highly radioactive by the [Gamelons, IIRC]. Queen Starsha from the planet
Iscandar sends plans for a wave-motion drive so that humanity can send a
ship the 148,000 light years to retrieve a device to cleans the Earth. They
have exactly one year in which to do it.

Apart from the fact that [Crusader] gives them five years and it isn't
radiation, there's not much difference...

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