Re: [gundam] Re: New Gundam series/special for 1999?
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 18:42:05 EST

In a message dated 1/31/1999 6:31:36 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> Here's the killer: the fans claim they want something new and different,
> but when you give it to them, they complain that it's "not X" and reject
> it. When you give them X, they complain that it's just "X all over again"
> -- a no-win situation. To succeed, you have to give them X, but with
> enough of a gloss that it *seems* new, even though it isn't. The same, but
> different.

I've noticed this about other stuff too. Fans or People can be so stupid, its
amazing and an embarrassment to the human race, ya know? Fans will complain
they want something new, then nit pick it to death for being new and/or


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