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Sun, 31 Jan 1999 15:06:39 -0800

At 23:36 1/30/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> said that ZZ was an attempt to balance Z Gundam's grimness, but that in
>> hindsight they may have overcompensated. Not exactly "Those Bandai
>> bastards made me do it, damn their eyes!"
> I think when people hear him say "I hate Gundam" what they may be
>mis-interpreting is Tomino _meaning_ "I hate having my hands tied by
>Bandai Production Execs"! After all, isn't this a guy who did some sort of
>Byston-Well non-mecha offshoot of Dunbine?

Tomino wasn't saying he hated Gundam so much as he hated the situation
created by the *fans* of Gundam, who forced him to retell the same story
over and over again and then dissed him for doing so. Even if the pencil
story were true, the point is that he was saying "THIS for your stinking
NEXT Gundam!" -- in other wordsm "Bite me, fanboy!" -- not "I hates MSes to

This is a problem for any writer or creator of popular fiction. Arthur
Conan Doyle killed off Sherlock Holmes to get off that golden treadmill,
then had to "resurrect" him because no one would read anything else he wrote.

Here's the killer: the fans claim they want something new and different,
but when you give it to them, they complain that it's "not X" and reject
it. When you give them X, they complain that it's just "X all over again"
-- a no-win situation. To succeed, you have to give them X, but with
enough of a gloss that it *seems* new, even though it isn't. The same, but

People have committed suicide, homicide or both with less provocation.

Tomino was always subversive, giving the people what they asked for (Giant
Robot) but pushing beyond the envelope wherever it would give. Funny that
you should mention Dunbine, because originally it wasn't going to have any
mecha in it -- they Aura Battlers were grafted on to meet the demands of
merchandizers who funded the show. Garzey's Wing was nothing less than
Tomino going back and doing Dunbine the way it was supposed to have been in
the first place.

I'd wager that, if Tomino could have his way, the MS in Gundam would be as
disposable and interchangeable as the fighter planes in TORA! TORA! TORA!....


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