[gundam] Re: Kou Uraki - the most ineffectual Gundam pilot ever ?

Lim Jyue (lim_jyue@pacific.net.sg)
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At 00:48 1/31/99 EST, you wrote:
> Anyone agree with me that at the end of 0083, Kou is the loser and Gato is
> the champion?
>But did Gato really change anything?? if anything he sealed Zeon's doom and
>solidified the Titans. And I'll say it again, it's nice to have a human
>rather then always the newtype of the month.

        BTW, what exactly is the objective of Operation Stardust? IIRC, Gato
got onboard the colony at the orders of Delaz and altered the course of the
colony to deliberately miss Jaburo, so what's the point? Seems like Stardust
was a suicide pact on Delaz's Fleet in order to help Axis get recognition..

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