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>> I'm a bit slow actually, but if you guys will remember the 3rd
>> episode of MS 08 Team, Kiki flopped all over the top camera of Amada's
>> Gundam and in the cockpit, she was shown as right in the middle of the
>> screen. More proof that the top camera is the main camera.
>Forget about that two bit. So, the mohawk assembly can be considered as the
>camera housing. But what about the danged eyes? Are they just totally
>functionless? I really doubt that's the case, as GM has the mohawk and the
>huge face-plate thingy. So, are the eyes used for guns or what?

        I dunno, actually. My guess is on the Gundam, the eyes are "backups
to the backups of the backups. Remember on the 2nd Episode of MS 08 Team, a
Zaku tossed a haywire cracker at Amada's 79(G) and burned out his cameras?
the cameras came back online later, which does indicate reserve cameras
elsewhere. and other posts suggest that the eyes are for periperal sight,
which does make sense.

        As for the GM suit, I believe that the faceplate is the main camera,
similar to the monoeye of the Zaku, and the mohawk the secondary/ targetting
camera. Otherwise the GM's big faceplate won't make sense either! IIRC, in
the opening of 0080, a GM shot itself thru the faceplate and promptly
collapse, indicating that it's main sensors got shot through, but from the
angle of the shot, the mohawk might have gotten hit too. =)

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