[gundam] Re: Kou Uraki - the most ineffectual Gundam pilot ever ?

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 08:44:46 -0700 (MST)

> But then again, 0083 is the most pro-Zionic piece of work anyone is going to
> come across. Somehow, if they wanted to push that theme across, Gato

  Grraaah... And it's so BLOODY OBVIOUS too from the very first episode!
Almost to a man the Feds are all either incompetant, scheming, nefarious
or oblivious, the Jions are all noble, idealistic, honorable, and "Very
Japanese", with the token 'chick' who's also the token 'bad apple', "But
you see, with exceptions like Evil-Cima, the rest of the Jions were
righteous, moralistic spacenoid freedom-fighters who were fighting the
evils of Interplanetary Oppression!"
  And you'll notice that just about every Fed plan goes awry, and every
Jion plan, no matter how impossible, succeeds. "Oh that? That's because
the Federation is overconfident because they're Oppressing us!" Blah!

  0083 may be a visual spectacle, but the bottom line for me is that it
takes a very well animated piece of dung and throws it at Tomino's Mobile
Suit Gundam epic and calls it Art. It's as if a bunch of mecha otaku got
together and said "Let's make a Gundam!" and proceeded to conjure up a
story out of happenstance, revisionism, and continuity twisting.
  What sort of adds insult to injury is that a little more explanation
here and there and a little more realism or restraint with the mecha and
some of the elements of the plot and the story could have been alot easier
to swallow and alot less divergent in tone from the rest of the Gundam

> would've died defending Kelly Layzner during the battle of Gundam vs Val
> Waro in a freak shot, and it was Kelly, with his undying desire of prove
> himself despite his lack of an appendage, that ultimately made the OP
> stardust successful. Then maybe that'd made sense. And what about Kou?
> He'd be really pissed, wouldn't he?

  Yeah... you know, I always wanted to know "Who's doing Delaz's laundry?"

  You laugh! What I'm saying is that, "After three years of running from
the Fed and foraging and scavenging and just barely hanging on in
decrepit, damaged, maintenance-hungry military ships with aging weaponry
and MS and with no source of spare parts except cannibalism (hmm!)... how
come these Jions all look healthy, well-fed, have well-operating ships in
perfect condition, have time to have immaculate uniforms, and after three
years can still maintain a fanatical resolve with their troops to throw
them by the thousands to their deaths in a hopless, pointless, terrorist
offensive with no clear objective except to kill countless civilians among
the enemy you supposedly signed a _Surrender_ to?"
  It bugs me! Yeah yeah, I know "The Jions are Righteous forces of Freedom
fighting against Interplanetary Oppression by the Nefarious Henchmen and
Evil Accountants of the Earthnoid-Dominated Federation, defending against
Unfair Taxation, Insufficient funding for Education and the Environment,
and against the Unspeakable Incrimental Increases in Stamp Prices!


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