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A strange tune played during the previous episode of New Mobile Combat
Century Saga Gundam ML: The New Millenium of War in Space, Colonies versus
UNT versus the Titans versus the AEUG versus the OZ versus the Kachi Party
versus League Militare in Mortal Kombat to the death no holds barred 0083 ZZ
Max V plus Assult Buster!

> hi how are all of you doing i hope your lives is great and
> wonderful too. .
> jest something to write: that live is so young and new and angel
> sing you to
> your sleep in the night and the day. weep not for the sadness of heart.
> rejoices in be overly and they wonderful gladness of the heart.
> let there be
> a
> tightening that angels of heaven in come to rest and sing very
> good tightening
> to you and your kinfolks. earth is and rain of sadness and mother
> earth weep
> of madness of human kill of the planet
> and dance in there madness of greed forever more.
> just so thing to say

That almost sounds like a plot of NMCCSGML. Almost.

In the next episode of NMCCSGML, we will attempt to figger why NT's
girlfriends/soulmates somehow gets blown to pieces or find themselves at the
wrong places all the time... I say it's all in the name of good Tomino-ian

Y. Choe--who is perplexed by all this...

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