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>> See the old Big Bang Project page at
>>>, where the
>>new TV series is thus described. Of course, that's old info...
>Alright, I've decided that I'm sick of reading jibberish on Japanese web
>pages! In the last couple years I've gotten around to being able to read
>katakana and hiragana, and it's time to read them on web pages too.
>Does anyone know where to get some software to translate this stuff? or
>setting on MIE? I've got the computer know-how of a root vegetable, so I
>need help... ^^'

If you're using MSIE, it's all right there for you.

If you're using MSIE 3.x, you'll need to go to the Microsoft home page,
then go the Free Downloads page, then navigate to the Language add-ins and
download the Japanese Language add-in.

If you're using MSIE 4.x, all you have to do is run the menus to Favorites
| Software Updates | Microsoft Internet Explorer. This link takes you to
an Active Server Page and runs a script that will look at what you've got
installed and list everything in the inventory that you don't have or for
which there's an update. Check the box for the Japanese Language add-in,
then click Download.

If you're using the MSIE 5.0 beta, you're on your own, although I was given
to understand that this wouldn't be an issue in MSIE 5, because it'd use
Unicode and the new Global User Interface....

When you hit a Japanese page, you'll still get gibberish initially because
the switchover isn't automatic. Run the menus to View | Fonts. You'll
have three choices for Japanese: Auto-Select, EUC and Shift-JIS. Once
you've engaged the alternate font once, it'll switch over automatically


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