Re: New Gundam series/special for 1999?

Mark Simmons (
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 14:38:45 -0800

Chris Beilby writes,

> Just remember. Tomino hates Gundam!

  Nonsense. They didn't exactly have to hold a gun to his head to make
him do F91, V Gundam, the Crossbone Gundam comic, the recent Amuro &
Lalah novels, or this new TV series. One could argue that he's so heavily
identified with Gundam that he has no other career option, but then you'd
have to ignore the fact that he recently made the Garzey's Wing video
series and the BrainPowerd TV series. His recent Gundam work is
consistently lively and enthusiastic, not the sort of hackwork that you'd
expect from a creative slave, and he seems downright bubbly with
enthusiasm in interviews...

-- Mark

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