Re: Camera and the Mohawk

Mark Simmons (
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 14:35:39 -0800

Aaron asks,

>The eyes have to be camera's too, don't they? Is there someone on this list
>that reads Japanese and can end this debate, by looking in the Gundam tech.
>books? Maybe the mohawk is for targeting and the eyes are the camera?
The eyes
>have to have a purpose.

  Yes, we have a few Japanese-readers here. :-)

  The forehead sensor and eyes are _all_ cameras, but the forehead sensor
is the main one. In the 08th MS Team episode where Kiki clambers onto the
Gundam's head, she blocks the front display panel but not the left and
right ones, which would indicate that the eyes provide the peripheral

-- Mark

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