Re: New Gundam series/special for 1999?
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 15:40:29 EST

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> OTOH, Gundam A Project, currently being referred as "Turn-A Gundam", is a
> series Tomino is claiming that it will be able to recognize all the gundams
> done so far, including series from alternate universe. Also, from what one
> of the stuff is saying, Tomino is very enthusiastic about this project, and
> he is willing to keep going for few years, although the series is planned
> be somewhere around 52 episodes.

 I hope AnimeVillage will bring this one out to the U.S. It sounds good if
Tomino is very enthusuastic about it. Tomino created a Gundam right? What has
he worked on in the Gundam Universe?


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