(Gundam) HLJ News is back!

Sat, 30 Jan 1999 15:32:44 EST

I just received this from HLJ's News Letter. I am posting this for the people
that don't get this News Letter. Its not all of the message, but its the part
that I think everyone will want to read.

In a message dated 1/30/1999 5:45:07 AM Eastern Standard Time, hlj@iac.co.jp

> But the biggest announcement we have to make concerns ourselves. On Friday,
> February 5th, HLJ will unveil a greatly-improved version of itself on our
> all-new domain: hlj.com. This move, to one of the world's largest and
> sophisticated web hosting companies, will mean connections much, much
> than what you're currently accustomed to. And we have several more major
> improvements in our service coming next Friday that will make our pages
> easier to use than ever before. Be sure to see all the changes for
> first-hand next week!
> One of the most important changes will not be immediately obvious to you,
> but our site will become primarily server-side database driven. This is
> normal configuration for any major mail-order web site, but our own growth
> got the better of us over the last year or so, and it took a while for us
> implement since we're always so busy filling your orders! What this means
> is that web site updates will be much, much easier for us to carry out.
> While the actual pages will look the same as what you're used to, you'll
> a lot more new product data, a lot faster.
> So look forward to February 5, and as always, thanks for your patience with
> us as we continue to build and improve what we feel is already the
> Internet's most exciting modeling mail-order site.

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