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>Alright, I've decided that I'm sick of reading jibberish on Japanese web

>pages! In the last couple years I've gotten around to being able to read

>katakana and hiragana, and it's time to read them on web pages too.
>Does anyone know where to get some software to translate this stuff? or
>setting on MIE? I've got the computer know-how of a root vegetable, so I

>need help... ^^'

Well, supposedly you can go into the language settings in IE and just set
active languages for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The same holds true
Netscape. Unfortunately, that doesn't work so well.
There are some external programs you can use that will change those
over to Kanji and other characters. Two that I find useful are NJWin and
LanExpert works fine, but it it jumps on and off at will. NJWin works
great, but
the only drawback is that it disables the scrollpoint in my Scrollpoint
mouse. It
might do the same if you have one of those third button specialty mice.
If you get NJWin, you can register it for more than 30 days by typing R
registration screen and:
User: Lin

If any of you have the serial for LanExpert, could you pass it on?

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