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At 08:59 AM 1/30/99 , you wrote:
>> See the old Big Bang Project page at
>>>, where the
>>new TV series is thus described. Of course, that's old info...
>Alright, I've decided that I'm sick of reading jibberish on Japanese web

>pages! In the last couple years I've gotten around to being able to read

>katakana and hiragana, and it's time to read them on web pages too.
>Does anyone know where to get some software to translate this stuff? or
>setting on MIE? I've got the computer know-how of a root vegetable, so I

>need help... ^^'

The program I am using right now puts up the double-word character into
readable words is pretty good. NJWIN, which translates 2 kinds of
Chinese system, 2 kind of Japanses system, and a Korean system.

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