Re: New Gundam series/special for 1999?

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At 10:24 AM 29-01-99 -0800, Alfred wrote:
>> Look how cool Babylon 5's CG looks. It is CG done right and it looks
>> realistic/beliveable while being cool at the same time.
Living in NZ I lag a bit when I comes to American shows. Has Babylon 5
actually finished? I saw a rather confusing episode to day (in between
working), but fromwhat i understand, B5 was decommissioned, and the ending
credits showed all the significant characters in B5

>Trek shows. The older Kirk Star Trek movies looked much better than the
>new ones. They used miniatures, too.
I'm still mystified how they managed to do that groovy energise thing back
in the 60's. Oh well, I guess some people are made to understand SFX, and
some others aren't


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