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Mark Simmons (
Sat, 30 Jan 1999 01:07:10 -0800

Probe writes,

> MMmm... But it could also have been a purely ceremonial weapon too,
>right? But then again, his HH is _exactly_ the same kind as is carried by
>the HiZak, isn't it?

  No, not really. The design is quite different, and these days they tend
to draw it _really_ big. :-)

> At any rate, I did suggest the opposite of this: The Heat-Rod may have
>been designed to short out electronics and electrocute _crews_ thus
>rendering ground vehicles and armor ripe for capture by Zion soldiers
>short on weaponry!

  Sounds plausible to me...

> Can't the forearm-saber be removed for 'regular' use?

  Nope. It's built into a box unit on the left forearm, kinda like the
Dra-C's beam saber. As such, it seems like a purely defensive weapon
along the lines of the GP01's beam jitte...

> Is it possible that the GM-N has more gundam-like armor ratings?

  Possible perhaps, but look at the way Alpha Bate gets his leg shot off
in episode 4; it doesn't _seem_ that tough.

>Do you think it's possible that other later GM varians may have been better
>armored than the original GMs? (They do, after all, get better shields!)

  Perhaps, and both sides were ever striving to improve their armor
materials. The major change in the GM II, which has titanium-ceramic
composite armor, is supposed to be an improvement in armor materials
(plus increased sensor range, linear seat, and minor improvements to
generator and thruster output). The Hizack, which dates back to UC 0084,
also has this armor. Ergo, the improved armor materials were introduced
somewhere between 0080 and 0084. But looking at the kind of damage the
0083 mobile suits take from machine gun fire, I think they may pre-date
this changeover.

> But don't we see a few GMs shooting off their Beam Pistols in the
>outer-colony fight scenes in 0080? I KNOW we see a GM or two slicing a
>Rick-Dom or two in half with its saber, but I can't recall any

  The beam gun used by 0080's GM Commando is a different design; as we'd
discussed earlier, it appears to be an E-cap weapon, and thus would be
rather more powerful.

  Incidentally, I just noticed that Hobby Japan's Gundam RPG claims the
Zugok E is armed with E-cap beam weapons rather than E-cap-less mega
particle guns (thus improving weapon output and rate of fire). If this is
confirmed elsewhere, it would perhaps explain why these weapons are
listed as "beam cannons" rather than mega particle guns, and indicate
that the E-cap technology pioneered by the Gelgoog eventually made its
way back into Zeon's amphibious mobile suit line. Hm....

-- Mark

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