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> GUNDAM A PROJECT is the new TV series, directed by Tomino, with
> character
> designs by Capcom's Akira Yasuda and mecha designs by Syd Mead. It will be
> set in the Universal Century continuity, and one cryptic Sunrise writeup
> referred to it as "compilation" of the UC saga. No other info is
> available.

That's not what A Project is though. Yes, there was a one sentence about
compilation movie coming out this winter (heh, another broken promise) about
"that series".

OTOH, Gundam A Project, currently being referred as "Turn-A Gundam", is a
series Tomino is claiming that it will be able to recognize all the gundams
done so far, including series from alternate universe. Also, from what one
of the stuff is saying, Tomino is very enthusiastic about this project, and
he is willing to keep going for few years, although the series is planned to
be somewhere around 52 episodes.


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