Re: One Year War vintage weapon comments: Close Quarter Weapon

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 23:22:55 -0700 (MST)

> Yep. The desert forces in ZZ carry heat hawks, though. And then there's

  Well, they _would_ be expecting Melee combat, so it makes sense.

> the Dom's heat saber, which is standard equipment - though its cutting edge
> is spread out over about ten meters of blade, rather than a relatively

  Which gives it some more reach and at least a fighting chance of hurting
a GM in melee combat.

> > And didn't Dozul Zabi's Zaku carry a particularly huge heat-hawk?
> Sure, but he only fought in space, and for that matter mostly in the
> first half of the war... more evidence that the heat hawk is an anti-ship
> weapon.

  MMmm... But it could also have been a purely ceremonial weapon too,
right? But then again, his HH is _exactly_ the same kind as is carried by
the HiZak, isn't it?

> Federation had yet to produce its own mobile suits, I can see why Zeon's
> ground forces might forgo the use of a melee weapon that would chip and
> break after whacking a couple of tanks.

  Not just that, but it forces the Zaku's to "Bend over" to hit a tank, a
very compromising position for a mecha that probably doesn't have alot of
armor under its skirt! (Laughs)

> >deliberately coming close enough to a giant 60ft tall robot to allow
> >itself to be snared by a heat-rod! I mean, why not fly at 200ft and not
> True enough. I think the heat rod must have been a preventative measure
> against the anticipated Federation mobile suits. Or, for that matter,
> against Zakus captured by the enemy!
> Wow. Hey. There's an idea for a pre-TV series fanfic or roleplaying
> campaign... Federation pilots using captured Zakus...!

  They were doing it in 0083!
  At any rate, I did suggest the opposite of this: The Heat-Rod may have
been designed to short out electronics and electrocute _crews_ thus
rendering ground vehicles and armor ripe for capture by Zion soldiers
short on weaponry!

> Hm... tough call. The GM Sniper Custom at least has a long-range beam
> rifle, not to mention ample thrust. It might not be as tough as the
> Gelgoog, but it might make up for it in terms of manueverability. Its one

  Yeah, it's a fast killer, probably very dangerous in the rubble/debris
fields that fill the Gundam universe!

> shortcoming: No shield. The forearm-mounted beam saber is something of a
> mixed blessing, since it allows the pilot to block attacks without dropping
> his gun or drawing a saber, but it seems like a pretty lame _offensive_

  Can't the forearm-saber be removed for 'regular' use?
  I guess the GM Sniper is designed to strictly fire from behind cover and
avoid melee fighting altogether...

> durability, I'd guess it's either a form of Gundarium or at the very least
> titanium-ceramic composite. The classic GM, on the other hand, has plain
> titanium armor.

  Is it possible that the GM-N has more gundam-like armor ratings? Do you
think it's possible that other later GM varians may have been better
armored than the original GMs? (They do, after all, get better shields!)

> >speculative on both sides but sheesh... we've _never_ seen a spray gun
> >hit? Is that possible? With all the battle scenes in MSG?
> shots - and we see a GM fire at, and miss, Gato's Gelgoog during the 0083
> prologue. Pretty slim pickings, eh?

  Augh... that's too bad!
  But don't we see a few GMs shooting off their Beam Pistols in the
outer-colony fight scenes in 0080? I KNOW we see a GM or two slicing a
Rick-Dom or two in half with its saber, but I can't recall any


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