Re: Camera and the Mohawk

Chris Beilby (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 17:18:26 -0800

> Various resources, including the model manuals (Master Grade, Perfect Grade
> (maybe?) ) indicates that the mohawk part of the head assembly contains the
> camera, and is for all the Gundams, from OYW upto present. The rear cameras
> are posted at the rear part of the mohawk. As for the eyes... The MG
> manual somewhat implies that the Eyes are also camera units, or at least the
> illustrations do. Other than looking more like a humanoid, the eyes may
> serve as a redundant camera (secondary sensory mechanism?) or some other
> function thereof...

Perhaps they are cameras connected to the gunsight unit in the cockpit? If they
are, and the cameras are slightly offset, they may actually give something of a
3-D effect with some true depth perception when targeting using this unit.
(Tomino actually mentioned the depth perception effect in the novels.) In
addition, they probably also function as backup cameras, in case the main camera
is taken out. As for holding the beam rifle up so that the gunsight covers one
eye, it could be that the beam rifle's sight unit can also connect into this

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