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>> Olaf Stapleton's ODD JOHN comes to mind....
>Hmm, yeah, I vaguely remember him mentioned by Lem. Maybe I should read

Stapleton isn't someone I recommend to everyone, but he's worth reading if
you like Big Ideas. Likewise A.E. van Vogt, Alfred Bester, John Brunner,
Stanley Weinbaum, Harlan Ellison, Arthur C. Clarke, Samuel R. Delaney and
Philip Jose Farmer. Recommended for those who can appreciate them, but not
for everyone.

And one other for my "recommended for everyone" list: Eric Frank Russell.

>> Paul Atreides has a lot more in common with Char, actually.
>Hardly! [munch]
>> Perhaps Lalah Sun, had she lived, would've been his Chani.
>A reverse Chani you mean, on a long stretch. [munch]

I was trolling here. I should've put in a smiley or three. My apologies
to you and the list, but I couldn't resist pushing such a big red button....

>> In the novels, it's Char who takes up the Newtype banner after Amuro's
>> untimely demise....
>Did he? That's a lot more interesting. To me, the real story (from 0079
>on) should be the conflicts between Newtypes and Normals, rather than
>between the Feds and the Spacenoids. Of course it will take a while for
>the Newtype on Earth and in the Colonies to figure out that the real
>borderline should not be drawn between Earth and Space, but drawn in
>genetics. It should be a cool story to see the development of a
>Newtype organization rising un-noticed while the Fed and the Spacenoids
>beat the crap out of each other.

The Gundam novelizations are worth reading if only for the alternative take
you get, on so many fronts. With any luck -- and enough inquiries from
fans who've heard about them and can't find them -- Ballantine Del Rey may
reprint them in the not-too-distant future.

I have to disagree with you about "genetics" being a factor in Newtype. I
there's one subtext that comes through, it's that being Newtype is a form
of mental, emotional and spiritual enlightenment. Newtypes appear among
Earthnoid and Spacenoid alike and, if anything, are more often Earthnoids
than not. They undergo a spontaneous awakening and inspire the same in
those who interact with them. (Newtype "meme"?) The underlying premise
appears to be that, after over three generations of space colonization,
*everyone* is a Newtype ... they just aren't *aware* of it yet....


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