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Probe writes,

> I guess we never saw any of the Zions in Africa in 0083 using HHs did
>we? Though the 8MST Zaks seem to enjoy carrying them.

  Yep. The desert forces in ZZ carry heat hawks, though. And then there's
the Dom's heat saber, which is standard equipment - though its cutting edge
is spread out over about ten meters of blade, rather than a relatively
teeny axe blade.

> And didn't Dozul Zabi's Zaku carry a particularly huge heat-hawk?

  Sure, but he only fought in space, and for that matter mostly in the
first half of the war... more evidence that the heat hawk is an anti-ship

> Very interesting. I can't honestly see how that's supposed to make
>sense. I mean, they gave up their only melee-weapon in the only arena
>where Melee attacks are really likely to occur rapidly!

  Only after the introduction of Federation mobile suits in the last months
of the war. The Gouf, though developed before the appearance of the Gundam,
was designed in anticipation of having to face enemy mobile suits... and
the Dom, which carries a melee weapon as standard equipment, was introduced
after this possibility had become a definite reality.

  If the heat hawk was primarily designed for anti-ship use, and the
Federation had yet to produce its own mobile suits, I can see why Zeon's
ground forces might forgo the use of a melee weapon that would chip and
break after whacking a couple of tanks.

> It's actually really hard for me to imagine any helicopter or plane
>deliberately coming close enough to a giant 60ft tall robot to allow
>itself to be snared by a heat-rod! I mean, why not fly at 200ft and not
>worry about it? GRIN.

  True enough. I think the heat rod must have been a preventative measure
against the anticipated Federation mobile suits. Or, for that matter,
against Zakus captured by the enemy!

  Wow. Hey. There's an idea for a pre-TV series fanfic or roleplaying
campaign... Federation pilots using captured Zakus...!

> And it allows you to do some real "Mortal Kombat" moves in the next
>Gundam Simulator, eh?

  "Get over here!" :-)

> The Dom's got the upper hand at longer range because of its 360mm
>bazooka, but that's about it. (Do we have any idea what the range of a
>Beam Spray Gun is?)

  Not a clue. I don't imagine it's very long, since the weapon is so
stubby. All the better to encourage pilots to close to saber range, rather
than wasting their time trying to play sniper!

  Speaking of which... you can't see all the goodies in the photos posted
on the Gundam Perfect Web site, at
<>, but according top the
February Hobby Japan the MG GM comes with beam spray gun, beam rifle, and
0083/Z Gundam-style hyperbazooka.

> And I suspect that GM Sniper models might actually be able to go
>toe-to-toe with the 'Googs. I dunno, what do you think?

  Hm... tough call. The GM Sniper Custom at least has a long-range beam
rifle, not to mention ample thrust. It might not be as tough as the
Gelgoog, but it might make up for it in terms of manueverability. Its one
shortcoming: No shield. The forearm-mounted beam saber is something of a
mixed blessing, since it allows the pilot to block attacks without dropping
his gun or drawing a saber, but it seems like a pretty lame _offensive_

> Hrm... So at least the GM should have armor that's on the level of say,
>the GP-01, eh? I.e., it can take a couple of good hits before taking

  Not necessarily. We don't know what the GP01's armored with, but from its
durability, I'd guess it's either a form of Gundarium or at the very least
titanium-ceramic composite. The classic GM, on the other hand, has plain
titanium armor.

> Simply because of the lack of ECAP, right? Well, that's still pretty
>speculative on both sides but sheesh... we've _never_ seen a spray gun
>hit? Is that possible? With all the battle scenes in MSG?

  They didn't spend much time on plebe-to-plebe battles. The few times we
get to see GMs in combat, it's always at close range, or they're firing
off-camera. We see a GM fire on the Big Zam - whose barrier deflects the
shots - and we see a GM fire at, and miss, Gato's Gelgoog during the 0083
prologue. Pretty slim pickings, eh?

-- Mark

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