Re: One Year War vintage weapon comments: Close Quarter Weapon

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 12:48:52 -0700 (MST)

> Maybe the heat 'hawk would be good for cracking open warship bridges...
  I still think it's designed for doing damage to colonies. You know,
cutting off antennae and guy-wires, slicing cables and other stuff like

> heat 'hawks are actually unpopular weapons for ground combat. The blade
> tends to degrade after repeated uses - cracking, chipping, losing its edge,
> et cetera - so it's not a good weapon to carry on extended ground missions.

  Very interesting!
  I guess we never saw any of the Zions in Africa in 0083 using HHs did
we? Though the 8MST Zaks seem to enjoy carrying them.
  And didn't Dozul Zabi's Zaku carry a particularly huge heat-hawk?

> Instead, ground combat mobile suits opt for lots of missiles, machine guns,
> crackers, and so on - weapons that have to be reloaded frequently, but at
> least don't have to be replaced outright.

  Very interesting. I can't honestly see how that's supposed to make
sense. I mean, they gave up their only melee-weapon in the only arena
where Melee attacks are really likely to occur rapidly!

> The Gouf was at least designed in anticipation of Federation mobile
> suits, but in the meantime, the heat rod can still be used against tanks,
> helicopters, and low-flying attack planes. The version used in 08th MS

  It's actually really hard for me to imagine any helicopter or plane
deliberately coming close enough to a giant 60ft tall robot to allow
itself to be snared by a heat-rod! I mean, why not fly at 200ft and not
worry about it? GRIN.

> Team, which doubles as a grappling cable, is actually a lot more useful
> than the classic electro-whip...

  And it allows you to do some real "Mortal Kombat" moves in the next
Gundam Simulator, eh?

> Way wrong, I'm afraid. From the little we see of the matchup in the
> original TV series and movies, the GM is a perfect match for the Rick Dom;
> what it lacks in long-range firepower, it makes up for in close-range

  That was always my impression...
  The Dom's got the upper hand at longer range because of its 360mm
bazooka, but that's about it. (Do we have any idea what the range of a
Beam Spray Gun is?)

> lethality. The Gelgoog is definitely out of its league, but fortunately for
> the Federation, there were very few Gelgoogs to go around.

   And I suspect that GM Sniper models might actually be able to go
toe-to-toe with the 'Googs. I dunno, what do you think?

> Probe writes,
> > The GM should _wipe_the_floor_ with anything less powerful than a
> >Gelgoog, or a Rick Dom with a veteran pilot. It's simply the most advanced
> >grunt MS of the war.
> I think that may be overstating the case a _little_, but it's nice to see
> some unabashed GM advocacy. :-)

  Hey, it's about time! I'm sick of seeing pro-jion sympathizer 1YW
revisionists making the GM out to be the 'fall guy' of the entire war!
Come on guys, this is the MS that won the war for the Federation, it's GOT
to be good!

> >Not to mention the highest kill-numbers of the war were achieved in GMs.
> I hope you're not basing that on the bogus figures from EB 39. I can't

  Well, yeah.. In that case, there's really not alot to go on then is
there? (I guess it's possible he threw a grenade into a Zak-factory and
blew up 100 Zakus at once, eh?) I was kidding more or less about the
kill-numbers anyway...

> lighter; as a mobile suit armor material, it doesn't seem to be vastly
> stronger. Note that in 0080 and 0083, mobile suits on both sides are
> vulnerable to 90mm and 120mm machine gun fire. But the titanium-ceramic
> composite used in Z Gundam, which is sort of a cheap approximation of Luna
> Titanium, does seem to hold up pretty well against machine guns...

  Hrm... So at least the GM should have armor that's on the level of say,
the GP-01, eh? I.e., it can take a couple of good hits before taking

> Remember, we've never actually seen the GM's beam spray gun _hit_
> anything, so its effectiveness is rather open to question. I suspect it's
> about on a par with the 90mm machine pistol...

  Simply because of the lack of ECAP, right? Well, that's still pretty
speculative on both sides but sheesh... we've _never_ seen a spray gun
hit? Is that possible? With all the battle scenes in MSG?

> The beam saber, though, will slice through a Rick Dom like a hot knife
> through butter. Once the GM gets close to you, the jig is definitely up!

  Yeah baby! GMs kick butt!

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