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> Subject: Re: New Gundam series/special for 1999?
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> > If they get a decent effects house to animate and render that stuff it will
> > look great. If they get a bunch of guys who work out of their garage on
> > Alphas running just Lightwave then we will be truly horrified by how badly
> > the live action attempts to blend with the cg. Well-painted texture maps
> > and accurate models will not look like animated Bandai model kits. And the
> > real key is the compositing. The cg elements will look cg no matter how
> > well they're rendered if they're not massaged into the scene correctly.
> Look how cool Babylon 5's CG looks. It is CG done right and it looks
> realistic/beliveable while being cool at the same time.

Babylon 5 has a 'look' which most people like. I think it's fine for TV,
different from Deep Space Nine/Voyager but no better or worse. You put
either of those styles on film, especially where a live-action filmed human
is standing next to one of them (ship, station, nasty-painted Klingon
homeworld matte painting) and they look like shit. I'm not saying that
the show looks bad or the techniques are bad, I'm saying there's no way
those elements, as is, would fly in a live-action/cg *movie*. Neither of
those shows look realistic. No sense of scale, size, especially the Star
Trek shows. The older Kirk Star Trek movies looked much better than the
new ones. They used miniatures, too.

So, a show done with those resources (Lightwave or whatever the B5 guys
use) on film - say a couple live action characters standing in a launch
bay of a Fed battleship and a cg bay extension and Gundam standing in the
background, will blow. I mean bad. There are no good compositing packages
for alphas or pentiums. Yet. You have nothing but MS battles in space,
maybe. You have a Zaku walking through a miniature/live-action city, no
way. If you want it to look good, I mean Titanic/Star Wars/Starship
Troopers/Godzilla good (no comments on the story/acting, please), you have
to go with one of the bigger fx houses. Man, I wish I were in charge of
making those choices for Bandai. I really want to see a live action Gundam


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