Re: Original Compilation Movies?

Paul Lampshire (
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 14:03:10 -0000

>Ay, there's the rub; from previous posts, we've discovered that in
>general commercial translators don't find it worth the investment to do
>so. Right now, the only long running series being released are (to my
>knowlegde) Fushigi Yuugi, Ranma and (very slowly) Urusei Yatsura. Tenchi
>Muyo could count too, but it's actually a bunch of 26-ep series they're
>releaseing sequentially...

And, also Maison Ikkoku, and Fist of the North Star. And possibly Utena [If
the first 13 episodes sell well enough] And you could possibly count Slayers
as well [see Tenchi]

>I too would prefer to see them released intheir entirety; alas, my
>(aparently justified) worry is that this will NOT happen. Hence, my
>"compilation movies or not at all" question.

In that case, not at all, I'm afraid. IMO it would be the thin end of the
If they were done to be shown in cinemas OTOH as the original 3 were, I
would support it. [As long as the TV series got a video release] If AV
released the original TV series I'd buy it, if for no other reason than
because I'd really like to see the Zakurello in something other than SD

God's in His heaven, all's right with the world.

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