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Jim Huang (tyhuang@OCF.Berkeley.EDU)
Fri, 29 Jan 1999 01:10:20 -0800

On 28 Jan 99, at 12:02, Prabal Nandy wrote:

> > responses to this thread have answered my original question. Does Zeon have
> > Nobility outside of the Zabi family (who I don't consider nobility anyway)?
> Not really.
> Even then the Zabis were pretty much a 'self-declared' aristocracy based
> on _political_ power transferred from the dead demagogue Zion.
> After all, how can you have a noble-class among forced-emmigrated
> refugees from Earth?

Because some of them were volunteers. The space aristocracy of
F91 era base their status on the fact their ancestors were
volunteering space pioneers who layed the ground work for the
forced immigration that fellows. The Mayflower legacy in U.C., so
to speak. Or the William Penn of U.C. era. Take your pick.
> What is interesting is the common thread that seems to run through all
> the UC gundams and even WG of spacenoids forming or buying 'fake'
> aristocracy and using it to bulwark their designs on the Earth Sphere. It

Spacenoids forming or buying aristocracy in WG, who? All the
nobles are Earth-based. If you are talking about the Barton's, what's
fake about it? If you take the Earth-based nobility at face-value,
than surely it's nature for Duke Trieze's only-know suriving daughter
to inherit his title, regardless of her residence. Of course, it's all
Herro's fault.

> really is a reflection of Japanese society where underclass 'merchants'
> now aspire, with money, to buy themselves into the traditional noble
> class. Interesting, no? This thread is extreemely evident in "Five Star
> Stories" which makes me think it's part of a broader social commentary.

Of course that won't happen, since WWII, the noble class nolonger
exist in Japan. As for merchant class wants to join the nobility rank,
here is a true story. Back around 92-93, there were many rumor
that than-single crown prince was seeing the daughter of the
Chairman Toyota(of Toyota auto), whose mother happened to be an
old classmate of the Empress. Within two week after the story
break out, she engage and married someone else to kill those
rumors. I am not sure if it's bad chemistry between royal and
merchants or just His Imperial Highness.

After all, if those merchants read the same tabloids I am reading,
^_^ and see how Empress is reputed to be mistreated by the old
palace guards, I don't think they would want to marry into that
family.(I think Empress's family is connected to Nissin Flour,
inventor of cup noodle) If the marriage of HIH Nori-no-Miya(??)
goes the way tabloids reports, than the trend of new generation is
intermarriage with Academia.

Jim Huang

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