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>> The was a story collection called ARMOR a few years back that was
>> but stories about powered armor, but I can't remember the name of the
>> editor or the publisher.
>There is a book called Armor by John Steakley (author of Vampire$) that
>continues the powered armor sci-fi tradition pioneered by Heinlein with
>Starship Troopers and continued by Haldeman with The Forever War (some

Funny thing is, if you changed a couple of events in Armor, it is quite
that it is a continuation of Starship Troopers. A friend and I had a
discussion on
this a year or so ago when he first read Starship Troopers, after he lent
me his
copy of Armor. I think we concluded that the only thing you had to do was
one or two key events, and change the general leadership of the human
Reason being that with Starship Troopers, the Lts, Majors, and Generals,
came from the ranks of the soldiers, and therefore had combat experience
know what was possible and what wasn't. In Armor, the leaders were all
and book trained, and used their forces in textbook fashion. As can be
screwup after screwup was normal operations of the day. Biggest example
have to be the main character of the book who went down for somewhere
20 drops, despite the fact that everyone else in his unit was dead and
mandatory max drops was supposed to 5 or so.

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