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> Along with the psychedelic drugs, you mean? (^_^);

Argh! You win, nothing that has been done, or can ever be done, is ever

> Olaf Stapleton's ODD JOHN comes to mind....

Hmm, yeah, I vaguely remember him mentioned by Lem. Maybe I should read

> Paul Atreides has a lot more in common with Char, actually.

Hardly! The point is that Paul is a just character. Every step of the
way, his action is morally "right". Yet the necessary outcome is that
he's the agent of destruction and suffering. I don't think Char can be
easily mapped into any character in Dune, on a stretch, maybe Piter.
Sneaky, cruel, and devoided of any ideals except for the hunger for power.
But Piter the Mentat relies on data and analysis, Char works on hunches
and instincts (and creativity).

> Perhaps Lalah Sun, had she lived, would've been his Chani.

A reverse Chani you mean, on a long stretch. Remeber Chani was older than
Paul and was Paul's teacher for a time. But Paul developed quickly and
Chani was finally reduced to the role of an aide (and bedmate of course).
Likewise, Lalah Sun, had she lived, would've leapfrogged Char in rank in
no time. But then, can Char be loyal to anyone other than himself?

Rather, it should be more interesting to compare Amuro-Lalah to the lead
characters in the Chrystalids.

> In the novels, it's Char who takes up the Newtype banner after Amuro's
> untimely demise....

Did he? That's a lot more interesting. To me, the real story (from 0079
on) should be the conflicts between Newtypes and Normals, rather than
between the Feds and the Spacenoids. Of course it will take a while for
the Newtype on Earth and in the Colonies to figure out that the real
borderline should not be drawn between Earth and Space, but drawn in
genetics. It should be a cool story to see the development of a
Newtype organization rising un-noticed while the Fed and the Spacenoids
beat the crap out of each other.

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