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-Z- wrote:
> I stopped by Kinokuniya today and there saw the February Hobby Japan, which
> is the Char's Mobile Suit issue. Among the MS modeled therein is the
> RX-78(S) Char's Gundam, attributed to "Ambishon [sic] of Gihren"....
> The model is a Perfect Grade RX-78-2 with a Char paint job and a remodeled
> beam rifle (no scope). It's one of a number of alternative Char MS,
> including the MS-R09 Rick Dom (also modeled) and MSN-02 II Nightingale
> (which isn't modeled).
> Is this one of the possible scenarios, with Char piloting a captured Gundam?
> -Z-

Yes, it's an alternative scenario. It begins when Char decides to take
over Zeon and makes a speech in Granada. In this cutscene, you can see
at his side people like Lalah Sun, Sharia Bull and even Flanagan. After
taking off his mask, he introduces himself as Daikun's son, etc...
The basic idea is that Char killed Amuro and managed to get White Base
to join him and it is more or less supposed to follow the novels. You
don't get a lot of pilots but the choice is pretty interesting, here
they are:

Cassoval Daikun (Char in his Red Comet outfit without his mask).
Lalah Sun
Sharia Bull
Kusko Al
Marion Welsh
Sayla Mas
Bright Noah
Mirai Yashima
Kai Siden
That guy who's in charge of a Musai in the first episodes (and in the

Basically, you have to get rid of both EMF and Zeon Dukedom with very
limited resources. The interesting fact is that Char's main and only
base when you begin is in Granada, very close to Side3.

The mechs you have when you begin are: Char's Rick Dom, G3 and a few
Elmeths (and a few, less interesting things).


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