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>I stopped by Kinokuniya today and there saw the February Hobby Japan, which
>is the Char's Mobile Suit issue. Among the MS modeled therein is the
>RX-78(S) Char's Gundam, attributed to "Ambishon [sic] of Gihren"....
i think what u saw is the hobby magazine and not hobby japan.. it comes with
the free decals for PG gundam ... this magazine is a great contender to
hobby japan

>The model is a Perfect Grade RX-78-2 with a Char paint job and a remodeled
>beam rifle (no scope). It's one of a number of alternative Char MS,
>including the MS-R09 Rick Dom (also modeled) and MSN-02 II Nightingale
>(which isn't modeled).
>Is this one of the possible scenarios, with Char piloting a captured

well its sounds like another alternate timeline gundam to me.... but sounds
vv possible... wonder who would win the batter char's gundam or amuro's
gundam ??.....


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