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> >My view exaclty, too. AV should either sell all the Gundam series in
> thier
> >original form or they should relinquish the license to someone who is
> welling
> >to do so.
> Ay, there's the rub; from previous posts, we've discovered that in
> general commercial translators don't find it worth the investment to do
> so. Right now, the only long running series being released are (to my
> knowlegde) Fushigi Yuugi, Ranma and (very slowly) Urusei Yatsura. Tenchi
> Muyo could count too, but it's actually a bunch of 26-ep series they're
> releaseing sequentially...

Wow...I remember having this argument out when AV first got set up.
I think the words of a friend of mine could be relevant here. I noticed
that on several series (namely Blue Seed, Tenchi TV, Ranma) that the first
few tapes were numbered, then it switched over, and every new tape just
had a title. When I asked him why he said that companies try to avoid
high volume series, because when someone walks into a store and sees
a tape with a large volume number (say 12, 13) they tend not to want
to pick it up, because it's in the middle of a story, plus they have
an idea of how many tapes are in the series and how much it will cost
to purchase. So they use this naming scheme.....and if you notice on
some of these tapes, they don't even give episode numbers on the back
anymore.....and of course I STILL wonder if ADV ever broke even on Eva.

> I too would prefer to see them released intheir entirety; alas, my
> (aparently justified) worry is that this will NOT happen. Hence, my
> "compilation movies or not at all" question.

What are's concerns though? I mean, are they worried about sales
(of course, but is that their number one concern)? Considering it's a
mostly online service, and they're advertising tends to be in the anime
medium, they're doing better than most companies because they are
focusing on where their target audience is, and my guess is that they
reach a larger share of the market audience. Considering that a good
number of the people who ordered the 3 movies would at least invest
in some of a longer series, they have an idea of what kind of
gross they'd get from the release. Why not release box sets of it.
split the series into three or four boxes...not too expensive...
It wouldn't work if they sold it at lump sum..(being nice, 52 eps
at 4 eps a tape=13 tapes. 13 tapes at 25 bucks=325, so say 350
with shipping.). It might work better if you buy 4 tapes at a time,
with the last being 5 tapes. Then again, 13 tapes isn't so big
for a series....Hell, why not take a hint from AnimEigo do a sign up for
it. It'd give you a pretty good idea of how many people would be in on

You know...the idea of compilation movies would be nice, but it
really doesn't work out too well. I mean, crunching some 20+ hours of
storyline into even 4 or 5 comp movies, you still lose a lot. PLUS, you
have to factor in that either Sunrise/Bandai would have to do it, or
they'd have to get someone to do it, and the cost of actually developing
the comp. movies would most assuredly be passed on to the buyer....Plus,
if Bandai was so priggish about the rights to Gundam for so many years...
does anyone think that they would actually do it?

I guess I'm sticking with the same stance I did when this first came up..
I'm more than willing to shell out 600 bucks for the LD's to Zeta, and
now that I'm actually working at a REAL job, I can put ZZ, X, and Wing
to that list...

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