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Mark S wrote:

>>This is, after all, the man who gave us characters named Marvel Frozen,
>>Elegy Cargo, Bright Noah and Smash Elbow....
> Literally speaking, that's "Eruchi" - a ways off from "Elegy." But her
>father's name is a much more definite pun: "Carrying Cargo."
> The ZZ character was to have been named "Elbow Smash."

Now that it comes back to me, I thought the "pilot commonly known as Char"
was going to be called Elbow Smash (or something strangelike that) I can't
remember where I read that - thought i have a feeling that it might have
been rec.arts.anime

>Michael Ip adds,
>>you forgot Shott Gun (Dunbine)
> Shott Weapon, actually. Good name for a mecha designer.
oops, hehehehe. I actually didn't think Gun was kinda right...but I guess
someone was going to correct me :)

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