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On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Richie Ramos wrote:
> I dunno, it was the impression I got...I could accept that Hari Seldon's
> future came from a time derived fromthe Cave of Steel idea, but to have the
> sudden insertion of R. Daneel Olivaw into it was a bit too much. I would

Argh! It's just like force-welding Macross, Mospeada etc into one long
meandering series.

In my very personal opinion, Asimov had two great contributions: the early
robot concept stories, and the concept of psychohistory (Foundation
Trilogy), all his other works are pretty forgettable. Having said that
(and reducing his life into merely two ideas), I also have to say that's
is two more than I will ever produce in my lifetime. So let me register
my admiration and appreciation also. Rest in peace, Issac!

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