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Mark S wrote:

>>I used to have the same problem with winVDT2 as well, but what it came down
>>to was unlocking the registration code, and presto, I could extract the
>>whole clip.
> Ah, that makes sense.

If anyone needs a username and a passcode for Winvdt, try this
User Name: Free Use
Key Word : ZUICSG

> But the quality was still nothing comparable to
>acpk2avi - they both look the same at normal size, but when you blow it up
>to double size or larger, the difference is very obvious.

As for the quality of the WinVDT clips, I maybe able to shed some light.
If I recall correctly, WinVDT can ONLY convert to Cinepak codec AVI's, as
opposed to TMPlay Saturn however can convert TrueMotion AVI codecs into
Indeo, Cinepak, virtually any codec that you have install on your sytem.
Why most of the Saturn developers chose Cinepak I do not know (Sega uses
TrueMotion), perhaps it was the dismal (or lack of) developement and
library support by Sega.
        Cinepak is a pretty medium quality codec anyway, so even if you could
convert, there is no point in converting to a higher quality codec like
Indeo 4 or 5. Then again WinVDT can play these original files, is there
any point converting anyway (unless you want to distribute in a common
        Now I assume that acpk2avi would only display the same quality as the
original Saturn file, but it sounds like the qaulity is better than the
quality of WinVDT conversions. I can only assume this may have come about
from WinVDT compressing the converted file more than the acpk2avi converted
file. Question, is the acpk2avi conversion better than playing the
*original* file on WinVDT?

BTW all this talk about Giren's Greed, what about the Gundam 0079 (?) game
for the Saturn, has anyone managed to get clips from that?

> Actually, nobody has the supplemental disc. If you can get hold of it,
>you'll be the first kid on the block. :-)

I'd have to get a machine, but judging by the prices of Saturn these days,
I don't think they'd be much. A more cost effective way would be if I just
borrowed my gf's brothers machine...


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