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Rodrick Su writes,

> Since at the time of its introduction there aren't any Federation MS to
> contend with, I presume that the Heat Hawk is designed primary as a close
> quarter anti-ship and space fighter weapon. That is, when the Zaku
> exhausted their 120mm machine gun, and the enemy ship is still limping
> along, you are supposed to pull off your heat hawk and make some big hole
> in the enemy's ship.

  We've seen it used this way a couple of times, but it seems like an
inefficient tool to use against a ship. On the other hand, it's unlikely a
space fighter would sit there long enough for you to whack it with an axe.
Maybe the heat 'hawk would be good for cracking open warship bridges...

  Incidentally, one of those old MSV books makes the interesting claim that
heat 'hawks are actually unpopular weapons for ground combat. The blade
tends to degrade after repeated uses - cracking, chipping, losing its edge,
et cetera - so it's not a good weapon to carry on extended ground missions.
Instead, ground combat mobile suits opt for lots of missiles, machine guns,
crackers, and so on - weapons that have to be reloaded frequently, but at
least don't have to be replaced outright.

  Make of that what you will...

> I don't believe that at the time Gouf were being designed, that the Zeon
> engineers have considered Federation MS yet, so the building heat rod, I
> suppose is still being designed as a anti-ship/anti tank weapon trying to
> overload enemy electronics.

  The Gouf was at least designed in anticipation of Federation mobile
suits, but in the meantime, the heat rod can still be used against tanks,
helicopters, and low-flying attack planes. The version used in 08th MS
Team, which doubles as a grappling cable, is actually a lot more useful
than the classic electro-whip...

Chien Ting Chin writes,

>Really? So GM will beat Gouf one-on-one? I always thought GM (the version
>in OYW) is pretty wimpy. Maybe not even a match against Zaku II. I guess
>that's wrong.

  Way wrong, I'm afraid. From the little we see of the matchup in the
original TV series and movies, the GM is a perfect match for the Rick Dom;
what it lacks in long-range firepower, it makes up for in close-range
lethality. The Gelgoog is definitely out of its league, but fortunately for
the Federation, there were very few Gelgoogs to go around.

Probe writes,

> The GM should _wipe_the_floor_ with anything less powerful than a
>Gelgoog, or a Rick Dom with a veteran pilot. It's simply the most advanced
>grunt MS of the war.

  I think that may be overstating the case a _little_, but it's nice to see
some unabashed GM advocacy. :-)

>Not to mention the highest kill-numbers of the war were achieved in GMs.

  I hope you're not basing that on the bogus figures from EB 39. I can't
believe any Johnny-come-lately GM pilot could rack up more kills in two
months than Amuro and the Gundam did in three-and-a-half...

> Seriously, the Zaku shouldn't be able to even _dent_ a GM. The Zak's got
>crappy steel armor and a 120mm gun that can't even scratch a Gundam, and
>the GM's only got somewhat cheaper titanium armor than the Gundam (but
>probably the same material shield).. A Zak shouldn't be able to reliably
>take down a GM with its gun at all!

  I dunno about _that_. Titanium's main advantage over steel is that it's
lighter; as a mobile suit armor material, it doesn't seem to be vastly
stronger. Note that in 0080 and 0083, mobile suits on both sides are
vulnerable to 90mm and 120mm machine gun fire. But the titanium-ceramic
composite used in Z Gundam, which is sort of a cheap approximation of Luna
Titanium, does seem to hold up pretty well against machine guns...

>On the other hand the GM has a beam-pistol and beam-saber that can
>slide and dice pretty much ANY 1YW MS!

  Remember, we've never actually seen the GM's beam spray gun _hit_
anything, so its effectiveness is rather open to question. I suspect it's
about on a par with the 90mm machine pistol...

  The beam saber, though, will slice through a Rick Dom like a hot knife
through butter. Once the GM gets close to you, the jig is definitely up!

-- Mark

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