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Mark Simmons (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 15:32:14 -0800

Michael Ip writes,

>I used to have the same problem with winVDT2 as well, but what it came down
>to was unlocking the registration code, and presto, I could extract the
>whole clip.

  Ah, that makes sense. But the quality was still nothing comparable to
acpk2avi - they both look the same at normal size, but when you blow it up
to double size or larger, the difference is very obvious.

>hell why not. I'll grab it from TronixWeb (along with the CCA for PSX and
>maybe Macross VFX - even though I have heard terrible reviews about it) and
>get a few more airpoints on my credit card. has anyone managed to view
>storyboard sketches and the like without a Saturn machine?

  Actually, nobody has the supplemental disc. If you can get hold of it,
you'll be the first kid on the block. :-)

Probe writes,

> Was his command-tank anything like the GEV from 8MST or is it akin more
> to the giant Fed hover-battleships of the 1YW?

  The latter; it's the same Big Tray type seen in the original series.

> Sounds like they may have been 'attached' to it as a support/guard or
> something like that. But that battle was a total wash for Jion, so one
> wonders how these aces escaped?

  There were a few survivors, maybe about 20-25% of the Solomon garrison,
who fled through the shoal zone and had Ma Kube's force cover their
escape... the pretext for the Texas Colony sequence in the original series.
If a few of the Ace Corps pilots were indeed at Solomon for the battle,
they could have been among these escapees.

> Did it really _cut_ through the 'roid?
> In the movie that I saw, it looked more like the beam was 'cooking'
> anything on the surface of the 'roid, but not penetrating at all.

  It gouges the surface, but not very deeply. Looks hella impressive, though!

> I take it they _nailed_ it good, eh?

  Oh yeah! Basically, the colony drop caves in Jaburo's ceiling, collapsing
it into the caverns below. According to my strategy books, this gives you
an opening to invade what's left of Jaburo and end the game.

> Beam-Bazooka-Toting? I thought Beam Bazookas didn't really appear until
> almost the V-Gundam Era?

  Correct, but that's the weapon the Rick Dom is described as using in the
novels, so Char's Rick Dom is given special dispensation. :-)

-- Mark

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