Re: Original Compilation Movies?

Roger Harkavy (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 16:10:58 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Mark Nguyen wrote:
> I've been wondering about releasing gundam in its entirety. Granted,
> there is an audience, but it's not necessarily (yet) a widespread, or
> popular one. Thus, I'm concerned about AV,com *never* releasing some
> series, because they're unsure about the returns on such an investment.

It's a valid concern. I've spoken to people who have worked at both CPM
and Manga Entertainment, and they have said that as of late the idea of
releasing an entire 50-episode TV series is considered a losing
proposition by execs. They never seem to make their money back.

> What think ye? Would you prefer to go for re-editted "movies" of a
> series, instead of 12-14 tapes? Especially if it means that the series
> *would* be released in some way, shape or form? If it were done
> responsibly, would it be worth it? Or should it be released as the
> original regardless?

I would hate to see some of the good character drama involving Zeta's
players to get lost in the shuffle, but I guess it would be inevitable
to have scenes with Reccoa, Katsu, Mauer, and others end up on the cutting
room floor if something like this was done. In the end, everyone would
bitch about something-or-other that was left out of the final product, but
I would prefer seeing Zeta and ZZ in a format like this rather than not at

As far as length goes, I say 5 2-hour tapes would do it. They could sell
them individually or as a boxed set for $125-150. I'd buy it, but I'd
spend up to $400-500 to own all of Zeta.

Roger Harkavy

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