Re: Original Compilation Movies?
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 15:59:42 EST

 Those are great idea's! needs to always release their titleson VHS
first. As more people have VCR's, then LD or DVD players. I am not ever going
to get an LD or DVD just for Gundam. If a LD or DVD could record TV show's
like a VCR then I would gladly sell my VCR for one of those players.

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> I'd be more for, say, a 12 volume each OVA retelling/animating of the
> three series. If they were to re-edit the story to make it shorter I
> think it would benefit from new animation. Then they could tighten up
> any longer sections of the TV series and also put more detail into the
> designs to synch up with later animation. I'm one of those people that
> prefers the animation in 0080 and 08th MS Team (backgrounds, character
> design, all of it) so I'd love to see the TV series done that way.
> Maybe 60 minutes each chapter of the OVA? That way they'd get even more
> profit, I'd think, since the new animation would appeal to people like
> me and those that've never seen any of the original series *and* it
> would appeal to those of us who would like to have subtitled telling
> of the original stories. A combined one-time only release for Japan
> and here (on laserdisc, please?) with closed-captioning would be ideal
> for me. But then I'm not really answering your question in terms of
>, sorry.
> So, if it were to mean finally getting the stories (including V Gundam),
> I'd settle for squeezed down versions. I'd much rather go for re-animated
> versions, though, maybe even over subbed tapes of the original series,
> since that would mean new stuff to buy vs. buying another version of stuff
> I already have (the already mentioned laserdiscs). Thank god I can
> (barely) afford to buy all this stuff...

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