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> Subject: Original Compilation Movies?

> With fewer tapes needed to tell a story, sales of Gundam series would be
> easier and potentially more profitable than stringing a series out over
> 12-14 volumes.
> What think ye? Would you prefer to go for re-editted "movies" of a
> series, instead of 12-14 tapes? Especially if it means that the series
> *would* be released in some way, shape or form? If it were done
> responsibly, would it be worth it? Or should it be released as the
> original regardless?
> Any other thoughts, comments or suggestions? What do you think?

I'd be more for, say, a 12 volume each OVA retelling/animating of the
three series. If they were to re-edit the story to make it shorter I
think it would benefit from new animation. Then they could tighten up
any longer sections of the TV series and also put more detail into the
designs to synch up with later animation. I'm one of those people that
prefers the animation in 0080 and 08th MS Team (backgrounds, character
design, all of it) so I'd love to see the TV series done that way.
Maybe 60 minutes each chapter of the OVA? That way they'd get even more
profit, I'd think, since the new animation would appeal to people like
me and those that've never seen any of the original series *and* it
would appeal to those of us who would like to have subtitled telling
of the original stories. A combined one-time only release for Japan
and here (on laserdisc, please?) with closed-captioning would be ideal
for me. But then I'm not really answering your question in terms of, sorry.

So, if it were to mean finally getting the stories (including V Gundam),
I'd settle for squeezed down versions. I'd much rather go for re-animated
versions, though, maybe even over subbed tapes of the original series,
since that would mean new stuff to buy vs. buying another version of stuff
I already have (the already mentioned laserdiscs). Thank god I can
(barely) afford to buy all this stuff...


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