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At 11:34 AM 1/28/99 , you wrote:
>On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
>> That's correct... the Gouf would have been the next generation
>Zaku if
>> the Feds never made MS... it's got great ground mobility but it sucks
>> compared to the GM. It probably also sports steel-type armor (Does
>> know if this is true?).
>Really? So GM will beat Gouf one-on-one? I always thought GM (the
>in OYW) is pretty wimpy. Maybe not even a match against Zaku II. I
>that's wrong.

Given pilots of similiar combat skill & experiences, a GM will beat
most Zeon general purpose MS with the exception of Gelgoog. And the
edge of Gelgoog is the fact that Zeon engineer didn't try to cut cost
like Fed engineers did with GM. Gelgoog an actual E-Cap beam rifle,
and slightly better engine and thrusters. But that is almost like
comparing apples to orange. The MS Gelgoog is attempt to compare to
is Gundam.

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