Re: One Year War vintage weapon comments: Close Quarter Weapon

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 13:13:35 -0700 (MST)

> > That's correct... the Gouf would have been the next generation Zaku if
> > the Feds never made MS... it's got great ground mobility but it sucks
> Really? So GM will beat Gouf one-on-one? I always thought GM (the version

  The GM should _wipe_the_floor_ with anything less powerful than a
Gelgoog, or a Rick Dom with a veteran pilot. It's simply the most advanced
grunt MS of the war. The Feds were smart and took a real KISS approach
with the GM, providing it with simple but immensely powerful weapons and
no-frills engineering with state of the art electronics and operating
systems. The only reasons the GMs didn't slash and thrash their way
through Jion almost immediately was simply because the Feds didn't have
any MS experience at all and their pilots were all green recruits.
  The fact that green rookies held their own against veteran Jion pilots
at the end of the war is yet another testament to what an awesome fighting
machine the GM really was. Not to mention the highest kill-numbers of the
war were achieved in GMs.

> in OYW) is pretty wimpy. Maybe not even a match against Zaku II. I guess
> that's wrong.

  That's totally wrong, but you'd never know it after watching Pro-Jion
apologist tripe like 0083. 0080 had a somewhat better view of the Fed
(still slanted pro-Jion though) where you see GMs holding up against
everything but the super-skilled special-ops pilots.
  Seriously, the Zaku shouldn't be able to even _dent_ a GM. The Zak's got
crappy steel armor and a 120mm gun that can't even scratch a Gundam, and
the GM's only got somewhat cheaper titanium armor than the Gundam (but
probably the same material shield).. A Zak shouldn't be able to reliably
take down a GM with its gun at all! On the other hand the GM has a
beam-pistol and beam-saber that can slide and dice pretty much ANY 1YW MS!
The Jions only achieved that level of technology at the very end of the
war with the Gelgoog series...

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