Re: Original Compilation Movies?
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 14:13:30 EST

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> What think ye? Would you prefer to go for re-editted "movies" of a
> series, instead of 12-14 tapes? Especially if it means that the series
> *would* be released in some way, shape or form? If it were done
> responsibly, would it be worth it? Or should it be released as the
> original regardless?

I would prefer seeing each series, even if the movies can be done right. I
will have to see the Gundam Movie Trilogy, with Char and all them, before I
can make an educated opinion. For right now, even if what you suggest is done
right, it is still cutting and editing the series to fit into a Movie, after
all Z and ZZ are meant as a series, not to be later edited and cut to fit into
a 2 to 3 hour Movie. If is serious about releasing all of Gundam, then
they need to do so and try not to cut or edit an Gundam series, maybe they can
release like 6 to 8 episodes of these series into each volume on a super long
VHS or even DVD. If its like "Z and ZZ will come to the U.S. only in Movie
form or Not at All" then I would chose the Movie choice. If I have a choice, I
would prefer it be released in volumes and keep every episode intact.


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