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> > Title Landholding Honorific
> > ----- ----------- ---------
> > Archduke (AKA Prince) Dukedom Your Lordship
> > Duke Duchy Your Grace
> > Marquis Marquisate Your Grace
> > Count County Your Excellency
> > Viscount Viscounty Your Excellency
> > Baron Barony Your Honor
> >
> > Note that "highness" and "majesty" are reserved to Kings and Emperors and
> > their successors and "eminence" is reserved to ecclesiastics (Popes and
> > Cardinals).
> Highness is commonly used to refer to princes and princesses as opposed to
> kings. Queen Elizabeth II is referred to as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth,
> whereas all of her sons and daughters use the honorific "Your Highness", or
> specifically, "Your Royal Highness" for immediate family members of the
> sovereign. Emperors and Empresses are usually given the honorific "Your
> Imperial Majesty", as Queen Victoria was when she was crowned Empress of
> India.
> Archdukes and princes aren't the same rank. The son of a Duke *can* be called
> a prince, although not usually a royal prince. The rank of Archduke was
> commonly, in continental European countries, reserved for siblings of the
> sovereign. Where some confusion sometimes arises is that most noblemen hold
> more than one title, and often allow their sons the use of lesser titles.
> Nowadays, the term "Your Excellency" is also used for ambassadors, although
> they don't hold any noble title.
> Counts are a generally continental European title. The British equivalent is
> probably an Earl, usually using the honoric "Your Lordship".
> :P
> Shane.

  Having been a Herald in the SCA for eight years, I know all this. None of the
responses to this thread have answered my original question. Does Zeon have
Nobility outside of the Zabi family (who I don't consider nobility anyway)?

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