Re: One Year War vintage weapon comments: Close Quarter Weapon
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 12:38:57 EST

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nandy@U.Arizona.EDU writes:

> Which is really cool BTW!
> I think we may also see this in 0080, as GMs only switch their sabers on
> at the last moment to strike.

That is cool! I didn't know this BTW. This must require perfect timing on the
pilots part! I'll need to get some of those subbed Gundam tapes from, but I'll have to hold off on buying anymore Mecha and Gundam
kits for a while, augh!, The pain of it all :)

To everyone, should I buy's Gundam tapes in chrnological order?
Example, the 3 movies, then Gundam 0080, then Gundam 0083? needs to
release Zeta and the rest of Gundams main story, before they start the Gundam
side storys.


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