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>>Another beam saber? Though I do noticed that not all beam saber are
>>rated equally. I know that a beam saber with higher power rating can
>>probably cut thru more stuff, but can it collapse another beam saber's
>>Minovsky shell, thus making the other weapon useless?
>It's happened at least once, in 0083. Gato hit the volume control-- er,
>BEAM SABER POWER control switch on the arm of his seat, and whupped up
>the GP02 saber's size and strength. At the end of the fight, it cuts
>straight through the GP01 saber.
>Are there any specific power limitations for beam sabers or heat
>weapons? In 0083 and F-91 (off the top of my head) we see a couple times

>that the saber is used only when about to strike (this is contradicted
>often, as people have been shown walking around with active beam sabers
>and not worrying about it.

Yeah, but that's like running your truck idle while they gets the
crane to pickup your cargo, wasting what limited energy you have, and
providing a thermo signature for someone to pickup on.

>Heat weapons are just plasma-field thermal alloys, so as long as power
>is being fed to it, it should still remain hot, right?

Once again, how much energy do you want to waste?

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