Re: One Year War vintage weapon comments: Close Quarter Weapon

Mark Nguyen (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 07:48:08 PST

>> Most? ALL of Jion armor! A matter of fact, is there ANYTHING that a
>>beam saber can't cut?

I seem to remember an early episode of ZZ where the Zeta Gundam's shield
is used to successfully block a beam saber blow. This hardly counts
though, as with most of ZZ Gundam.

Beam shields are also particularly effective.

>Another beam saber? Though I do noticed that not all beam saber are
>rated equally. I know that a beam saber with higher power rating can
>probably cut thru more stuff, but can it collapse another beam saber's
>Minovsky shell, thus making the other weapon useless?

It's happened at least once, in 0083. Gato hit the volume control-- er,
BEAM SABER POWER control switch on the arm of his seat, and whupped up
the GP02 saber's size and strength. At the end of the fight, it cuts
straight through the GP01 saber.

Are there any specific power limitations for beam sabers or heat
weapons? In 0083 and F-91 (off the top of my head) we see a couple times
that the saber is used only when about to strike (this is contradicted
often, as people have been shown walking around with active beam sabers
and not worrying about it.

Heat weapons are just plasma-field thermal alloys, so as long as power
is being fed to it, it should still remain hot, right?


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