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At 10:05 PM 1/27/99 , you wrote:
>> contend with, I presume that the Heat Hawk is designed primary as a
>> quarter anti-ship and space fighter weapon. That is, when the Zaku
> Nah, my gut feeling is that it's simply a utility weapon/tool, just
>an infantry-man's bucknife or something like that.
>> along, you are supposed to pull off your heat hawk and make some big
>> in the enemy's ship.
> The problem with that idea is that the heat-hawk has hardly any
>reach at
>all.. you'd almost be better off simply punching holes in the ship.
> Instead, I think the purpose of the HH was to cut tether cables,
>colony-scale guy-wires and other space-equipment... just like how the
>German U-Boats mounted those cable-cutters on the fronts of their subs!

Yeah, but I doubt that MS of that vintage is actually equipped with
armored knockle to punch holes. Better use a tool that you can
dispose of easily than trying to ruin a intergral part of your MS.

> Most? ALL of Jion armor! A matter of fact, is there ANYTHING that a
>beam saber can't cut?

Another beam saber? Though I do noticed that not all beam saber are
rated equally. I know that a beam saber with higher power rating can
probably cut thru more stuff, but can it collapse another beam saber's
Minovsky shell, thus making the other weapon useless?

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