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Mark Kuettner (
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 07:10:14 PST

 Or maybe everybody was intimidated by Mead's prestige and
>salary? Who knows, but if he's hired to come up with ideas he'll do
>the ones in charge want, ugly or not. Ya, the ground cars sucked. I
>loved the cop cars, though.

Look at all the brand new cars on the road today. Not every one of
them is a trophy winner, either. 6000 SUX,anyone?

>Style. If it's military then I go with you. But if it's commercial
>prepare yourself for some of the dumbest designs the human mind can
>up with in the name of what's 'hip'.

Hey, check this out. Remember the 70's show "Space 1999"? Everyone
wearing flared pants and the whole seventies thing? Cut to the "real"
1999, and everyone is wearing...FLARED PANTS and the whole seventies
thing! Like, cosmic, dude!

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