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>Both Herbert and Asimov were cheats with reagrd to history. Asimov simply
>repacked Gibbons' THE DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE, with Trantor as
>Rome and whatever the hell that little outpost with the steel credits was
>as Ultima Thule. Herbert did the same thing, only he used the much less
>familiar Byzantine Empire as his model.

        OY! that's a fact! but it does make for a good read, neh?

>Otherwise, the two writers are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Asimov
>always strove to incorporate the science of his day into his works.
>Science is an unfolding process, so much of what was scientifically
>accepted in early Asimov works has been scientifically discredited today
>(oceans of Venus, for example). Herbert, on the other hand, while capable
>of hard science (his DRAGON IN THE SEA, for example, is a very accurate
>portrayal of nuclear submarine warfare), went off on a flight of fantasy
>with DUNE. Ornithopters? Sandworms? Oy!
>DUNE's still a great book, but it's only SF if you spell it out as
>"speculative fiction"....

        Well, considering the way a lot of people keep on trying to justify this
and that in gundam, we could also label gundam speculative fiction, at that...
        Dune was always meant, I think to be a flight of fancy, which had some
science fiction thrown in...but, as said earlier, it's a good read.

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