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>By way of example, I know of a "psychic" power that everyone possesses to
>some degree and that some possess to an astounding degree. We have all
>experienced or exhibited this power at some point in our lives and
>witnessed it in others, but all attempts to duplicate it in the lab, invoke
>it upon demand (except to the very gifted, who can't seem to restrain it)
>or enhance it have all met with failure. Books have been written about it,
>we try to teach it in our schools (and often destroy or inhibit it in the
>process) and many could not do their day-to-day jobs without it, but we are
>no closer to understanding it now than when it was first described in
>writing thousands of years ago.
>I'm talking about creativity.
>Inspiration, one of our oldest words for a sudden flash of undersatnding,
>comes from the Greek word "to breathe in" -- to take knowledge from thin
>air. We've all done this and many, like myself, earn a living by tossing
>ideas around or "brainstorming" -- with varying degrees of success and days
>where nothing comes to mind and others where ideas flow like torrents.
>When you can measure, quantify, bottle and dispense creativity, that most
>human of atributes, then maybe you'll be ready to investigate "psychic"

        hey, don't knock the research, Z! It's difficult enough that we have a
hard time NOT hearing the ghostbusters theme song wherever we go from
        besides, it's each to their own quests...some other people are figuring
out creativity...we do this...

"Magic is the hand of faith..."

Richard Ramos
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